Glass Railing Installation

Keep yourself safe and make your home or cottage look great!

Georgian Glass & Screen in Muskoka, Ontario installs and repairs Glass Railings

Your home, cottage, bungalow looks beautiful. The inside is complete, the outside reflects your style perfectly, and you are more than happy to see people begin to give your home a second glance as they go by, wondering how you did it. How you got it to look so good. How you made your dream come true. That said, there is one small problem: railings.

Your deck, patio, balcony, doesn't have permanent railings. Maybe you have temporary ones set up for safety, perhaps you had a style in mind but it isn't going to work anymore or you are lacking materials. Even more likely you said "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" and now that you've come to it you have no plan. You don't want to hide the stone that would be covered by rails, but you want to be safe and know legal issues will arise if there is no railing and accidents happen. There is a solution!

Glass railings. At Georgian Glass & Screen we have had years of experience installing glass into uncountable places. We've installed anything from windows to mirrors and railings are the in-between! Our years of experience make us the optimum choice when seeking installers for your railing.

We can advise you on which railings will be right for you! Glass railings are clear, easily cleaned, look professional, and show off the outer structure's format. These railings are stable, easily installed, and of course are capable of supporting weight! The right choice of hardware will ensure the rails remain in place long-term through thaws and freezes that cause shifting ground and can affect your structure's stability. They also look great and add to the strength of your rails!

Do you need railings on your stairs? No problem! We can install railings on almost any angle!

Already have glass railings? Cool! We can repair glass railings with the same quality as when we install them! Whether the supports are beginning to give out, cracks are appearing, or the glass has shattered entirely our experienced staff will examine the problem, determine a way to fix it, and can give you a quote on the price in record time! Don't worry about the railings not being up-to-date on time for that house party or family get-together! We will ensure your wishes are met and your expectations are exceeded!

For more information about glass railing installation and repair please call or otherwise contact Georgian Glass and Screen in Muskoka, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: August 10, 2017

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