Glass and Window Protection

Reduce cleaning time and protect your windows

Georgian Glass & Screen in Muskoka, Ontario offers glass and window protective services

Hydrophobic sprays and objects have become popular throughout the media and in society within the recent years for good reason. These sprays actively repel water and other elements which would otherwise make contact with the object and most likely damage it. This is the method Georgian Glass & Screen of Muskoka uses to protect glass and windows. Glass is covered in microscopic grooves which are practically imperceptible to the human eye. These grooves are small and hard to escape and naturally attract dust, water, dirt, and other substances that damage the glass over-time. This is why so much dirt and grime seems to appear on glass "out of nowhere" - it was simply not perceptible until a certain point.

The spray that is used creates a thin layer of 'air' over-top of the glass. Any water or grime that would otherwise make contact with the glass makes contact with the air and most of it falls off. This effect greatly diminishes the amount of outer objects that stay on the glass and the few necessary cleanings will see little to no resistance or scrubbing needed by the user.

For more information about Glass and Window Protection please call or otherwise contact Georgian Glass & Screen of Muskoka.

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Last Updated On: July 05, 2017

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